Find Your Home,
Find Yourself

Amy Sparks

Life after separation or divorce can be challenging.
I know, because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

Life after separation or divorce can be challenging.
I know, because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

This is an important stage in your life - a time of reinvention and rediscovery of who you truly are. Allow me to guide you along this meaningful and transformational journey as you step back into yourself and search for your new healing sanctuary. I offer my clients expert real estate guidance and genuine care and concern as we create your new life, together. I can help you look and feel your best, connecting you to some of the top specialists in the Austin area who will support you during this time. Starting this process might seem daunting, but with the right reignition of belief in yourself and your passions, this new chapter can be the ultimate opportunity to connect with your dreams and thrive in your life.

Your personal discovery and radical reinvention awaits.
It’s time to rediscover your spark!

What I Do

As an Austin-based realtor and lifestyle community creator, I support, uplift and guide women and men undergoing major transitions. Having been through divorce myself, I understand the challenge of undergoing such a profound experience. I also know the importance of reestablishing oneself in alignment with our purpose and dreams, and that begins with feeling good - physically, mentally and emotionally. I support my clients in their total reinvention by helping navigate the emotional aspects of the real estate process during difficult times and rebuilding connection to self and others through an empowering community. With an approachable and friendly style, I guide clients through the work of rediscovery so they can find a home both within themselves and within a space that brings them joy.

It’s time to come home to you.

Real Estate, Done Differently

This process is not just about selling or buying a home. As your trusted guide, I understand the heaviness that comes with searching for real estate while feeling out of sorts. As a life transition realtor, I approach things differently. Throughout the process, we will address your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, the essentials of the home purchase/sales process and the shift to the new version of you. This involves a unique blend of lifestyle assistance, expert real estate guidance and immersion into a new community to support you throughout each and every phase. As your partner in your radical reinvention, I cultivate a safe and welcoming space of renewal and reconnection. Real estate is simply the beginning to getting your life back.

My Services

The Sparks Collective provides a personalized approach to match the needs and goals of each individual client. From life coaches, financial advisors, divorce navigators and style/beauty experts, tailor-made introductions and connections will bring you home and back to a place of wholeness, confidence, and belief in yourself.

How It Works


We’ll get you back to a place of feeling good emotionally, mentally and physically, so you can approach the next phase with strength and confidence.

The Home Search

I’ll be your guide. We’ll find you a home that feels like a comfortable and happy haven in which to begin life anew. The perfect fit awaits.


Now that you have your new home, let’s focus on your reinvention! Settle into your new surroundings so you can shift back into your true self.

WELLNESS: We’ll get you back to a place of feeling good emotionally, mentally and physically, so you can approach the next phase with strength and confidence. 
(Personal trainers, acupuncturists, stylists)

THE HOME SEARCH: We’ll find you a home that feels like a comfortable and happy haven in which to begin life anew. The perfect fit awaits.
(Home design, decorators, closet stylists)

TRANSITION: Now that you have your new home, let’s focus on your reinvention! Settle in so you can settle back into yourself.
(Life & relationship coaches)
Amy Sparks

“Some changes look negative on the surface but

you will soon realize that space is being created in your new life for something new to emerge.”

Eckhart Tolle

About Me

As an Austin native, I bring a wealth of local knowledge to my work as a life transition realtor and transformational community curator, to uplift and guide women and men through their most challenging life shifts.

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As a Certified Divorce Specialist and member of the National Association of Divorced Professionals (NADP), I’m equipped with specific skills to assist my clients in overcoming the unique obstacles that may arise during the real estate process while going through a separation or divorce. 

My work is based on the belief that our home is a source of our wellbeing, and that we can create happiness as we grow into our next chapter. With over 15 years of real estate expertise, I help individuals come home to themselves. Having personally experienced the devastation of divorce and the prospect of starting over, a deep commitment to my emotional and physical health with the support of a life coach and personal trainer was paramount in my healing. This was what led me to create The Sparks Collective, in which I provide connections to a community of incredibly inspiring individuals to support my clients along this path. I enjoy making my clients feel seen and understood as they reinvent themselves, their homes and their social lives. My goal is to reignite my clients’ inner flames.

“It was truly the hardest and darkest time of my life. The   loneliness was absolutely breathtaking, I had never felt anything like it in my life. But with all the resources I sought out,

I could eventually see that it was possible to be happy again and start down the road back to me.”


Come Home To Yourself

Separation and divorce can be a deeply challenging time. I will be your guide, your friend and your confidant as you step into this new phase in your life and reemerge as a fully aligned, whole and inspiring individual. I’ve been through it and I understand how hard it is. But I can promise you that with time, you'll learn to believe in yourself again, discover your new dreams and goals, and create a happy home and community in which you will thrive.

My support doesn’t end with the real estate transaction. It also extends itself into a community, The Sparks Collective, which will encourage, inspire and connect you with the people and opportunities needed for you to fully step into the new version of you. This network of incredible people consists of divorce navigators, attorneys, insurance and financial advisors to help you move through the initial stage of separation. As your self rediscovery process progresses I can connect you to interior designers and closet stylists to help you make your new home your own. When you are ready to move on to the exterior, I will introduce you to my network of personal trainers, stylists, life and relationship coaches to guide you as you reenter the social scene and live your fullest life.

Together, we will walk alongside you, as you step fully into every phase of your reinvention.

It All Starts With Home

Happiness starts with a home that feels like a sanctuary. As a divorce realtor, I help individuals reestablish themselves by creating a new future that is aligned with their dreams. I listen closely to my clients’ needs to find their perfect home and provide connections to support them in rebuilding their sense of community. Starting over can feel challenging, but with my guidance, it will feel like coming home to yourself.

Beginning with the home and expanding into all aspects of life, I guide my clients in their complete reinvention.

The SPARKS Process

My goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your next home.

Do you prefer to rent or own? How important is natural light? Do you prefer to be closer to nature or in the middle of the thriving downtown scene? If you have children, which school district do you want them to attend? Discussing all of these very important details make a tremendous difference in how you approach your new home. They might seem like small details at first, but every single one has the potential to lift sadness and bring you closer to your joy.

We’ll discuss all of this and more - as we undergo a customized search to find your next home and build your new life.

Process icon for "consult"


Let’s build a relationship of safety and support. I’ll start by walking you through the process so you can get comfortable, feel heard and get excited.

Process icon for "identify"


It’s important to understand your needs, desires and dislikes. We’ll go through a comprehensive checklist and identify what you want out of your next home.

Process icon for "Guide"


Smooth sailing ahead. With deep expertise and connections in real estate, I will guide you through the entire process, leaving no stone unturned.

Process icon for "Explore"


We’ll explore what you want your new life to look like. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Who do you want to know/meet? I’ll connect you to it all!


I want my clients to feel taken care of from the first conversation. To create the best results possible, it is important to consider your goals and desires for your future home, and to be fully dedicated to the process of starting over. I am committed to being by your side the entire way, from the moment we sit down to discuss your next sanctuary to the moment you have your new set of keys in your hand and finally, ushering you into your post marital life to complete the full transition. The Sparks Collective will round out the experience, helping you create a new space for yourself (and your children) as you connect with the people who will help you feel better, both inside and out. 

Starting over is a deeply profound experience, and it is a true honor and privilege to be entrusted to serve you as you reclaim the spark of your new life.

What To Expect

Hiring an experienced realtor who is forward thinking during the offer period and throughout negotiations is the most important decision you can make in this market. You need to ensure you are getting the best representation possible. Finding someone who has personally experienced (and is trained in navigating) divorce, someone with connections, clear communication and strong follow up is critical. Today’s real estate market moves quickly and you want to be able to move just as quickly when you find your ideal sanctuary. I will educate you on everything from financing, making the offer, appraisals and inspections, contracts and more. My personal touch goes a long way, both during the real estate process and beyond. I will make the process as smooth as possible as I guide you through to your next chapter.

The Sparks Collective

As a partner in the home search, I help my clients reclaim their happiness by realigning with who they truly are and finding a new space to call home after separation or divorce. I also provide the opportunities for local businesses and experts to connect with the audience seeking their products/services. 

I created The Sparks Collective to inspire and provide guidance, community connections, fashion, fitness and wellness advice to women and men at a crossroads in their lives. Having personally experienced a radical evolution after my own divorce, I saw first-hand how important it was to cultivate connections within a new community and to feel supported in discovering the light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you’d like to offer your services or products as part of The Sparks Collective, let’s set up some time to chat!

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Who I Work With

My clients are in the process of selling or purchasing a home in the Austin area while in the throes of separation, divorce or breakup. The real estate process can be a daunting one, and even more so while going through such a transformational and emotional time.

This isn’t just any old real estate process. This is a process that will kickstart an entirely new chapter and the right support to  get through it is key.

Many of my clients are starting over and regaining control after divorce or separation. They desire a better future for themselves and the support to guide them. They are curious about the new possibilities that are available to them, but are unsure where to begin. The individuals I support are incredibly resilient and eager to reorient toward happiness.

This Is an Uncomfortable Time

Are you feeling sad, lonely or depressed about living alone after divorce? Perhaps you are scared of reentering the dating scene post-breakup? Maybe your confidence is at an all-time low? Does the thought of selling or buying a home render you completely paralyzed with fear or confusion? Maybe you find your inner dialogue screaming ‘failure’ because your relationship didn’t work out quite as planned?

For some, leasing a temporary sanctuary might be a good solution while you sift through the layers of divorce.  A rental may be the first step to get your life back on track. I can assist you with a temporary rental until you are ready to make your next home purchase. 

I empathize with all these uncomfortable feelings, because I, too, have been there. A dear friend once said, “Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.” Let’s work through your discomfort together so we can make your dreams come true.